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Better late than never!

Hello, world!

My name is Marcela and this is the first post on this blog. I decided to add a blog to my site because I wanted to share here all my experiences with photography and also one of my passions, which is cooking. So on this space, apart from recipes of my experiments in the kitchen, I'd also like to add stories and impressions of the photo shootings I'll do.

I've always felt fascinated by photography, since I got my first point and shoot camera back in the days when DSLRs were not as common. I was just a teenager and making my own films soon became a pastime. Owning my first one years later gave me infinite possibilities. I learned how photography is actually a form of art that one uses light to paint a picture. This resonated in my head in such a way! And Still Photography became my favourite style.

As for food, it's another example of a hobby that I wanted to professionalise! I graduated in Culinary Arts in Brazil, where I'm originally from. At that time everybody said I wanted to follow my father's footsteps, but my father was a pastry chef, and I wanted to be a chef! After having my first year experience in a kitchen I had become a pastry chef myself! It lasted for 6 years. And I don't regret a single thing! My greatest achievements include working with very talented chefs in Ireland, including a Michelin stared one (Thornton's) and helping chef Peter Clifford with a few recipes that were added to his book (Clifford and son - Liberties Press). But those are stories for a different post maybe!

For now I just wanted to make this first contact, although I had a blog before it was a long time ago and I really need to get myself used to doing it again. Building the site was not easy either, this is the second host I try, so far so good! Feel free to comment, ask questions, interact somehow. It feels pretty lonely on the cold and vast internet, so any word is really welcomed! Make sure also to follow me on Instagram, that's my favourite social media and where I keep the photos most up to date (@marcelahernoux), give us a thumbs up!

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