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Pancakes Feast

This first recipe post will be short and sweet! Nothing better than PANCAKES!

Making pancakes is one of those things that anyone can easily do, you don't really need many things, it's very straight forward, and it can be super fun! A good pancake batter is always runny and light. I've seen people mixing in their egg whites after whisking them to soft peaks. That's a great idea to incorporate air and make them lighter, but I prefer to keep mine simple!

I loved photographing them for pancake Tuesday (Mardi Gras), just before Easter!

Here's my super duper simples recipe for pancake batter:



300g self raising flour

2 eggs

600ml milk (I used almond milk but any milk will do)

2 good pinches of salt

2 good pinches of sugar

In a mixing bowl, whisk the eggs well and add the milk. Separately, mix the dry ingredients (flour, sugar and salt) and slowly add them to the egg and milk mix, every bit at a time to avoid lumps.

When the batter is well mixed and free of lumps, let it rest for 30 minutes covered at room temperature.

Heat up a non stick frying pan to medium heat. With the help of a ladle, fry each pancake from 1 to 2 minuets each side.

Enjoy with your favourite spread, fruit, mixture, etc.

Bon appétit!

Goji Berries Tea
Goji Berries Tea

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