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Photo Shooting in Fraiheetsbam Forest

I absolutely love this place! This forest and circular walk is very close to Luxembourg City, maybe 15-20 minutes by car from my place. It's located more specifically in Strassen, but the walk also covers Bridel (Bridal? not sure!).

This first week of deconfinement due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the world, was the perfect time to try this walk and spend some time outside in the nature. The circular walk is quite long, it normally takes us about 1h30 or 2h to complete, especially when I stop all the time to take pictures!

We start in Strassen. Every part of the way is surprisingly beautiful and different. It's like different locations altogether! It makes me think that this place is an amazing location for a photoshoot!

Because the walk is long, I totally recommend bringing along little snacks and drinks. For us, because it was slightly cold and we got so used to taking a warm drink living in Ireland, tea and biscuits was the perfect pick!

Comfortable clothes and shoes are also a must.

This was the third time we actually do this walk. The first time we got lost, so always follow the blue arrows to avoid this! The people passing by are very nice, they are helpful and generally greet us with a smile and a "moien" or "bonjour" ("hi" in Luxembourgish and French). As well as doggies and their humans, we encounter horses and their riders!

If you're visiting or living in Luxembourg and would like to have a photo session at Fraiheetsbam, give me a shout!

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