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TEDxLuxembourgCityWomen - 08/12/2019

This is my first blog post of 2020. First, I'd like to thank everyone who has supported me throughout 2019, it was a very intense year, with lots of changes in my personal and professional life. I moved from Ireland to Luxembourg with my husband and started every thing all over again. New house, new job, new friends, new challenges. I should probably write another blog post talking about these changes and the rollercoaster that it has been!

But for now, I'll stick to the TEDx! I met Candida Nedog, one of the organisers through a common friend. We're both Brazilians, and Candida was one of the amazing people I met just after arriving in Lux, and gave me support in finding my way around things here. She is just amazing, an incredible, hard-working and energetic person that makes me proud of sharing the same nationality! How lucky I was to meet her, not only for the TEDx, but for the warm friendship.

So I wanted to volunteer for TEDx and have this wonderful experience of working along side a team of dedicated and creative professionals in photography, filming, speaking, marketing, social media, make up artists and so many others! What a bliss! And do the networking, that's what people in Lux do! My goal was achieved, and I'm so grateful for that.

It was a great day, I believe everybody involved (organising and attending) enjoyed it genuinely. For me, as a photographer, it made me more confident, specially in such a big event. It was a real pleasure, the team made it easy!

No more words, I just want to leave you with some of the highlights of the day.

Have an incredible year!

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